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Turning the Rim

In order to prepare for turning, the rim is glued to a face plate. I use Elmerís white glue with a layer of ordinary white paper in between. It holds the project tight during turning, but it can be easily removed with a chisel when Iím finished.

Most of the turning is accomplished with a large bowl gouge. The tool is very sharp, and this step doesnít take long at all.

I had a slight gap between the layers. Iím filling it with a paste made of walnut dust and Elmerís white glue. It will be nearly invisible when Iím finished, but that wonít matter because Iím going to make sure that this spot is hidden by the neck.

Hereís how it looks after the glue has dried and itís been sanded.

I want to make sure that the side of the rim is perfectly flat, so Iíve replaced my tool rest with the main table of my Shopsmith. Iím using the miter gauge and a long sanding black to get a perfectly flat and square side.

Iím carefully removing the slightest bit of material with my skew chisel. Once again, a sharp tool is essential.

The inside is nice and square.

One final check to make sure itís the right thickness, and Iím ready for final sanding.

I can do most of the finishing while the rim is on the lathe. I use Tru-Oil gunstock finish. The first two cuts are put on rather dry while the lathe is turning at a slow speed. The third is a thicker ďwetĒ coat, and if youíre going to apply that while the lathe is turning youíd better cover up your machine with newspaper. After that dries for about four hours, I smoothed out any defects with Meguiarís #2 automotive buffing compound (applied with a rag while the lathe was turning). Then I cleaned the rim, applied two more dry coats, another wet one, and let the whole thing cure overnight. The next morning I buffed it to a nice shine with Meguiarís #2 followed by Meguiarís #7.

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